Thanks for visiting our site! Phoenix Paper Products is a manufacturer of environmentally friendly products developed from post-consumer fiber.

Whether you’re in the market for soft bales or pellets, Phoenix Paper Products has the complete line of hydraulic erosion control and vegetation establishment products. Each site is unique, therefore we specialize in making customized erosion control solutions. There is no site too big or too small for our products. We are here to help every step of the way.

Go Get Your Green On!

What are Environmentally Responsible Products?
“Environmentally responsible or ‘green’ products are those that reduce waste, improve energy efficiency, limit toxic by-products, contain recycled content or are reusable.”
– Canada’s Government of the Northwest Territories, Environment and Natural Resources

Post-consumer (paper):
Paper that has reached its intended end-user and then discarded. The paper recovered from curbside collections is considered to be post-consumer.

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